How long does it take to make a belt, bag, or leather accessory?

The timeline for any belt, bag, or leather accessory is dependent upon the wants and wish list of the customer. Usually we allow 1-2 weeks for belts, 2-3 weeks for Bags, and depending on the accessory about one week. However, this is all subject for change depending on time of year, season, and production list. 

How do you find your hides?

We work with the finest in leather retailers and suppliers in the United States. All leathers and hides are hand-selected and graded harshly by the owner Irvin. Since he opened the business in 1975, he has prided himself on using on the finest leathers and producing only quality work. 

What if my leather good breaks, tears, or wears?

Many products bought today have a lifespan of one season, maybe two depending on how often and how well the owner takes care of them. At Masada, we don't want you to have to keep your bags in glass cases--we want you to use them, love them, wear them, pretty make them an extension of every outfit and occasion that your life presents. Therefore, we provide a lifetime warranty for all of our products. Bring your item in or send it in, and we will fix and return as beautiful as the day you bought it. If you're kind enough to spend your money on our products, then we will always be kind enough to spend our time making sure you get your money's worth.  

Returns/Exchange Policy?

We offer exchanges and merchant credit only on all merchandise bought in our store and online. Unfortunately, because our goods are handmade--we do not offer returns on Masada goods!

Are you social?

Masada Leather is SO social. We love to chat with our customerss, in fact we allow our customers to chat  with the owner and craftsman Irvin Alhadeff whenever you have an issue or questions about your goods. If you're not able to stop by the store and ask the question or see our products in person, just give us a ring (during store hours, obviously)! We also love seeing how you wear your Masada, so share with us your photos by tagging us @masadaleather in your photos on Instagram and Facebook!